FARMSOLARDLX – Solar farm gate kit deluxe. (12 volt – 5.0 metres)


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Solar powered automatic swing gates are available in both single and double kits. Our farm gate kit is a low cost kit and comes complete with solar panel and 9AH battery and has an upgraded control board. The battery included with the kit is suitable for normal domestic traffic and will provide power for a small number of days without sunshine. To achieve a greater amount of time simply increase your battery capacity or consider purchasing the deluxe kit with larger motor and battery capacity.

The deluxe solar farm gate kit comes complete with the following-

  • One E3300 motor with farm gate brackets
  • Logic control PCB
  • Logic enclosure
  • 26ah battery
  • Wireless receiver
  • Two remote controls
  • 25 watt solar panel
  • Voltage regulator
  • Galvanised enclosure


Weight 30 kg

FARMSOLAR install manual