BIFOLDSMALL – Kit for bifold swing gate openings up to 4000mm wide. (4 Metres)


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Bi fold gates basically allow twice the opening width into half the space. For example if you had a four metre opening but only one metre of area in which to swing with a standard double swing gate there is simply no way. Using the bi fold gate kit allows the four metres to swing neatly into the one metre area leaving your four metres clear.
No room to slide your gate and limited in room to swing? The answer may be a bi fold or indeed a pair of bi fold gates.

The bifold small kit allows gate opening up to 400mm (4 metres) wide to be turned into two gates at 2000mm (2.0 metres) and fold neatly to one side or the opening. A maximum weight of 200kg applies to each leaf and consideration needs to be given to the main operating hinges carrying the weight of both gates. Good practice would be to not exceed half of the maximum rated figures.

Also available separately is connecter tube. 6.5 metre BIFOLDTUBE from your local branch.



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