ELOOPEXITKIT – Easy install exit loop with loop unit and four channel receiver.


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The e-Loop technology adapts state of the art magnetometers for detecting the presence of motor vehicles. Compared to traditional wired loop systems this is a far superior product, not being prone to ground movement, long and complex installation times and constant maintenance. This coupled with the radar technology used in our commercial presence mode e-Loops, makes for reliable and safe activations.

Our wireless technology uses state of the art bidirectional communication with high receiver gain and high security 128-bit encryption. This allows reliable communication amongst our devices, and a high security eco-system to keep your gates safe.

The extremely low power consumption of the e-Loop devices allows them to operate for years in the full operation modes. With easy to access battery compartments, this makes maintenance a breeze on all of our e-Loop products.

The e-Loop is a wireless vehicle detection sensor that uses passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The sensor measures the change in the Earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the introduction of a ferromagnetic object. The e-Loop provides the perfect replacement for inductive loop systems. Its unique design allows quick installation by fitting on top of driveway and secured down with 2 x concrete screws, installation can be as quick as 15 minutes.

The commercial e-Loop is a simple bolt in replacement for automatic vehicle detection systems. Simply connect it to your existing gate controller using our in house transceiver, or use one of our gate boards. The e-Loop (Presence Mode) utilizes magnetic sensor and radar detection technology to provide a reliable, safe and cost effective solution to automatic vehicle detection. With a battery life of up to six years and replaceable batteries, not only will you cut down on battery replacements, but no in ground installation is required Four e-Loop can be programmed to a single transceiver allowing effective cover for larger areas.

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