GATESWITCH – Position detection kit for gates


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Multi-purpose position detection set, consisting out of a magnet and magnetic switch. This set can be easily connected to any electrical system like your access control or burglary system. The distance between the magnets can be easily changed by means of an adjustable magnet and included filler plates. The integrated LED lights up when your gate finds itself in the required position. This will also allow you to configure your installation easily.

Can be fitted on any gate situation
Possibility to activate LED light when the sensor detects the magnet (requires 12 V DC at the gate)
Operates with Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) contacts Required distance between the gate and the post is minimum 10 mm and maximum 50 mm
Easy adjustment of distance between sensor and magnet by means of filling plates (fillers) and screwable magnet

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