GSM4GKEYPAD – GSM Entry phone with keypad in gate station


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GSM intercom systems use mobile phone technology to communicate through existing mobile telephone networks. All you need is a SIM card (not provided).

  • No range limits at all.
  • Rings multiple numbers when the call button is pressed, so if you are not at home, you can receive a call on your mobile and grant access to your visitor.
  • Access control built in by telephone number recognition. Program in your friends and family numbers so that they can simply “ring your gate” to gain access”.
  • No need for handsets inside your house, no cabling, no damage to decor!
  • Tough yet attractive call point.
  • Built in keypad code lock for coded access as a secondary access option.
  • Unlimited range wire free GSM intercom using GSM module.
  • Relay outputs to control most door locks and gate automation systems (volt free).
  • Rings up to 3 numbers in sequence.
  • Works with mobile phones and land lines.
  • Open gate or door by pressing * key on handset.
  • Complete with 12v power supply.

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