LOGICTAUD749MA – 12 volt logic control in outdoor enclosure.


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Some control boards are designed and manufactured dedicated to a specific range of motors whilst others are generic and can be used on many motors. The D749MA is in the first group being purpose designed for the TAU range of low voltage motors with encoder.

The encoder technology enables the control board to know exactly where the gate is every millimeter of the way. Encoder technology is not new to TAU having pioneered it back when nobody wanted to do low voltage motors because they were too expensive. Now of course they have the worlds best.

The D749MA comes in a rugged outdoor enclosure with a built in transformer power supply. It has an i built wireless receiver ready for TAU remote controls. Battery charger is also on board – simply add the DIAMONDBATT.

D749MA logic control manual


D749MA logic control tips-n-tricks


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