MULTICOMMLITE – Multi unit GSM entry phone


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Wireless GSM intercom for apartment blocks, shared compounds, multiple family complexes, for up to 123 families or users.

  • Using a SIM card, this Telstra 3G system can dial up to 123 different user telephone numbers.
  • Calls up to 2 numbers per resident or family, e.g. land line first, and if no answer, then call mobile.
  • Massive savings on hardware as you don’t need handsets for each apartment or flat.
  • No need for wiring between the door / gate and each apartment.
  • Users can grant access to their visitors by pressing keys on their telephone handset.
  • Volt free relay built in to facilitate control of door or gate release devices.
  • Simple to use. LCD screen displays user friendly messages.
  • Also allows users to search for resident name by letter, or scroll through name list.
  • Constructed from aluminum with stainless steel rain hood.
  • Keypad can also be used for gate access control by entering a code.


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MULTICOMLITE install manual