SLIDEDAMPER – Hydraulic damper for slide gates to 30 NM. Why a sliding gate damper? Simple. Most sliding gate motors (gearboxes actually) struggle to cope with gates on raked or inclined driveways. A SLIDEDAMPER is a hydraulic reversible damper that takes up a lot of that extra strain allowing the motor and gearbox to work under less pressure.


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When choosing the right gate opener for your sliding gate, it is necessary to take into account elements that can affect the correct functioning of the whole installation: the type of gate, its use (residential, commercial, etc.), weather conditions, how and where it is installed.
With reference to this last point, we want to focus on a case where an automated sliding gate is installed on a slope. When the gate is being pushed open or closed while going uphill, it requires a stronger performing gate opener. When going downhill, the gate needs to be slowed down to ensure that the gate opener travels at the right speed – the gate, when going downhill, tends to accelerate, putting the gate opener itself under stress. Moreover, safety is a must: in case the gate opener fails, there must be something to stop or decelerate the gate’s motion. For gates installed on slopes, consider radial damper technology that can safely control gravitational velocity when the gate is going downhill.
Connected to the gate with a toothed rack (no extra work required in case of use with a rack and pinion drive opener), the damper helps to maintain the same speed on the opener while the gate is going downhill. This is achieved by opposing the resistance (30Nm) in the direction of rotation and allows the gear to rotate freely in the opposite direction.

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