ASA30012VLH – swing gate motor – left hand (12 volts – 3.0 metres)


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The ASA range of swing gate motors can be described as “old fashion” and it would be accurate to say that they are an older style of automatic gate motor but whilst many operators can boast style motors like the ASA300 can boast reliability through excellent design and manufacture. When you don’t spend millions of dollars chasing style it reflects in the price. If you compare the ASA300 against similar specified Italian or European made motors it will win on price and reliability every time. Manufactured in Italy the ASA300 is a powerful 12 volt swing gate electro mechanical operator suitable for gates to 3.0 metres wide. It is a self locking operator with key operated manual override and one of the benefits of the 12 volt motor is the ability to use battery backup meaning you may never have to use the manual override key.

It is possible to use a variety of control boards to control the ASA300 and we have developed some excellent solar powered applications. The factory designed board is the ID200 and can be used in a number of different modes and as a one or two motor controller complete with code hopping receiver. Another option is the LOGICEGATE1224 control board with an intuitive screen that asks you questions to program. Both available as double gate kits with great kit savings.

ASA300 Install Manual


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Motor Voltage

12 volts DC

Standby Current


Maximum Current


Motor Power


Maximum Thrust


Opening Time

16.0 seconds to 90 degrees

Maximum Gate Width


Duty Cycle


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Weight (kg)

7.0 Kg

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