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Wireless digital key pad to be used together with Beninca receivers – batteries included. Vandal-proof digital keypad with aluminium casing, polished glass- effect front panel and chrome- plated buttons with LED back- lighting.Acoustic feedback when the buttons are pressed and the code entered. The red or green central LED and the buzzer, with a repeated or long tone, indicate
whether the code has been entered correctly or not. An access password can be set to protect the system from unauthorised
persons changing the settings. The keypad is quick and easy to install.

The wireless version handles three types of code: ARC, rolling code and programmable code. This last type guarantees total security because of the high number of possible combinations (around 340 billion billion billion billion). To understand this level of security, think about a computer with a transmitter trying to send 1 billion combinations a second to find the device code, which would take 10,790 billion billion years to try them all.  Comes with 3V, CR123A (1400 mAh) lithium battery ensuring a long life.
254 storable codes, which can be managed hierarchically by associating a certain number of child codes to each parent code. The hierarchical management makes it very flexible to configure; access codes can be personalised for different users or else specific codes can be deactivated. In both cases, there is no need to
intervene in the receiver memory. Outdoor range 100m.

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